Carb Sober Community - Dr Lisa Wiedeman
Carb Sober Community - Dr Lisa Wiedeman

Welcome to the Carnivore Doctor Community

Connect with Dr. Wiedeman and like-minded individuals on your journey to optimal health

What does the Carnivore Doctor Community offer?

Join Dr Wiedeman in this private community where she personally hosts every meeting to help everyone on their journey to optimal health.  All animal based diets are supported here - clean low carb, keto, ketovore or carnivore.

Here you can benefit from multiple LIVE stream meetings throughout the week to connect you with Dr Wiedeman and others with similar health goals and struggles. In this community you will have multiple ways to interact with Dr Wiedeman and ask her questions.  

The groups have multiple discussion on all aspects of the carnivore and keto way of living including the importance of breaking the sugar/carb/processed food addiction and dealing with daily challenges and triggers along the way as we progress towards optimal weight and health.  Engage in discussions around the carnivore and keto lifestyles, expanding your understanding and learning new strategies.

  • ⭐️MULTIPLE Weekly Live Community Zoom Calls
  • ⭐️ Connect directly with Dr Wiedeman, gaining personalized advice to guide your journey towards optimal health.
  • ⭐️CHALLENGES with daily check-in Live Q&A sessions
  • ⭐️LIVE Cooking demo's with Dr Lisa
  • ⭐️Meal inspiration & recipes
  • ⭐️ Access to ask questions & get insights 24/7 from Dr Lisa & members in the group chat
  • ⭐️ Post updates, victories, goals & struggles to stay accountable EVERY DAY
  • ⭐️ Find support in others who are overcoming similar health struggles, reinforcing your motivation and help you to consistently hold yourself accountable.

Join me & Connect with others:

In this community, we are a group of people who are serious about getting healthy and changing our relationship with food.

When You Join

You’ll get immediate access to our:
  • Interactive LIVE Zoom meetings: Multiple weekly Live Zoom meetings conducted by Dr Wiedeman. Ask questions and learn about all aspects of the carnivore diet and practical solutions to challenges that may arise. Engage with expert-led Q&As on carnivore and keto lifestyles. These meetings will help you gain deep knowledge, kickstart a healthy lifestyle, and achieve your health goals faster.
  • Healthy Recipe Swap Chat: Participate in our real-time chat to share and discover carnivore and keto-friendly recipes. Connect directly with like-minded people, exchange health tips to cope with cravings for sugar/carb/processed foods, and innovate your culinary journey towards optimal health.
  • Weekly Health Goals Accountability Events: Attend our weekly events & challenges where you can share personal health goals and accomplishments. Hear about others’ successes, learn from their mistakes, and give/receive encouragement. This interaction strengthens your commitment towards a healthier lifestyle and improves personal growth.

*Please note: No medical advice given within the community

About Dr. Wiedeman

Dr Lisa Wiedeman is a practicing optometric physician who has been in practice since 1991.  She is a passionate advocate of root cause healing for her patients and in both her virtual coaching groups as well as on her popular YouTube channel.  She is known for her no nonsense straight forward "Suck it up, Buttercup" approach to those who will come up with excuses to defend their addictive foods.

She has eaten a carnivore diet since 2009 and has been coaching others to optimal health for over a decade.


Creating change, whether in your health & fitness or elsewhere, is difficult because it's unfamiliar. 


Often the people in our immediate circles don't share our goals, hopes, and dreams. So, there is a constant tug trying to pull us back to the status quo of our circle, the gravity we are trying to escape to create the change we want.


But we can counter this inertial force by attaching to a different pulling force. 


Joining a community, where it's normal and expected to live a certain way, provides a counter-pulling force. A new gravity to pull us to success and keep us there as we form healthy habits and get the support from others with the same goals.